Samuel Stoecklin's experience purchasing from Robert Strong at McCarthy Chevrolet Lee's Summit in Lee's Summit, MO

Samuel Stoecklin's Reviews the 2017 Ram 1500 purchased from McCarthy Chevrolet Lee's Summit in Lee's Summit, MO

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Robert Strong is far and away the best person we've ever worked with at any dealership! Cut to the chase...check! Customer service skills...check! Knowledgeable and efficient...double check! After a less than desirable experience at another dealership it was refreshing to find someone like Robert still exists. When my wife was shopping for a car a few months ago, I mentioned to him in passing that I was going to be in the market for a new truck sooner rather than later and Robert asked what I was looking for in a truck. I told him you may regret asking that question as I am coming off a bad experience and am a cut-to-the-chase picky kinda guy when it comes to dealing with dealerships, his response was, "Try me." So I did, gave him all the specs I wanted and left him with a note to refer to in his office. Since that time, he kept in contact with me often but we were just a little off on my specs, but then about three months later he contacted me and said, "I found your truck." I said, okay, let's see it, made an appointment, and eventually made the deal. During our time in his office, he showed me the note I had left with all my "demands" in a truck, he kept that note on his desk and looked at it every day! That is customer dedication and I am thankful to be in a vehicle courtesy of Robert's persistence and dedication to customer satisfaction! Thank you Robert and all the crew at BSH!

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