How to Eliminate Film on the Inside of Your Windshield in Lee's Summit, MO

How to Eliminate Film on the Inside of Your Windshield

Robert Strong's Blog | How to Eliminate Film on the Inside of Your Windshield

It can be quite annoying and even hazardous to have built-up film on the inside of your windshield. It can obstruct your view and be distracting while you drive. Most of the time, this film goes unnoticed until you turn in the direction of the sun while driving, and then BAM! You are blinded by sun and windshield haze. However, there are simple solutions to rid of the built-up film that occurs on your windshield.

  • There is no need to buy expensive products full of chemicals when all you need is a soft cloth, water, and a bit of dish liquid. 
  • You can make another cleaning solution that consists of one cup of white vinegar and one cup of water. You can adjust the amounts as needed as long as you use equal amounts of both.
  • You can easily keep this bottle of cleaning solution and cloth in your vehicle at all times.

This makes it easy while on the road, and you can make a simple stop to clean up the film that is within your vehicles' windshield that we most likely only notice once we are already on the road.

Make this quick fix with simple products that are not as toxic and you can be seeing clearly again. 


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