Can You Live Without Technology? in Lee's Summit, MO

Can You Live Without Technology?

Robert Strong's Blog | Can You Live Without Technology?

Technology is amazing! We use it every day and some of us can’t imagine life without it. We all would like to think we could survive without the technology of today, but could we? A lot of us rely heavily on our smartphones, among other techy apps and gadgets. Could you imagine going for a day or even an hour without using it? It is the place where we store just about everything and find the answers to almost everything we need.


We no longer need to remember certain information because our phones are where we can find our friend's numbers, social online conversations, directions, and our downloaded music. For many of us, we wake up, pour ourselves a cup of coffee and “connect” with people from all over the world by scrolling through the feeds of our social networks.


Our smartphones have become an extension of us, which makes me wonder, have our cars with smart technology become just as much a part of us too?


The vehicles made today give us the ability to connect to the Internet, protect drivers more efficiently, and some can even drive themselves. We use the technology of our vehicles to stream music from our smartphones via Bluetooth, and we rely on the GPS feature to help get us to our desired destinations.


I can warm our cars up on colder days by the press of a remote key fob button and we can receive diagnostic reports about our vehicles via email to ensure our ride stays in tip-top shape.  The backup feature and collision prevention warnings help protect our friends and family members while we are out on the roads.


Smart technology has not only changed the way we use our phones, but it has also changed our vehicle experience for the better.


I think it would be hard to live without the technology we have become so used to in our vehicles today. What do you think?

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