April is National Pet Month in Lee's Summit, MO

April is National Pet Month

Robert Strong's Blog | April is National Pet Month

If you absolutely love going on trips and long drives in your car, but you feel bad having to leave your furry friend behind, you are not alone. You want to take him or her with you, but you may not know how to make traveling with your pet safe, easy, and fun. If it’s a dog in your life this article was written for you!

Make a list of doggy necessities and check it twice before leaving the driveway with your best friend. Here are 8 items that you should include on your checklist:

  1. Always have your dog wearing its collar and tags.
  2. Have a drinking bowl and bottled water readily available.
  3. Ensure your vehicle’s temperature is always appropriate for your dog for all weather conditions/seasons.
  4. Never leave your dog alone in the car.
  5. Exercise your dog prior to getting into your car. Take them on a walk or play ball to burn off some energy.
  6. Play classical music or use pheromone sprays if your dog is anxious, these have been known to help.
  7. Keep treats, food, and toys for your dog inside the storage spaces in your vehicle.
  8. Use a sheet or blanket to cover the car seats, especially if your dog is a little shedder.

Once you have all that you need and the checklist is complete, it’s time to go driving in your favorite car with your favorite furry friend. Safe travels!

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