5 Signs From the Universe That It’s Time for a New Car in Lee's Summit, MO

5 Signs From the Universe That It’s Time for a New Car

Robert Strong's Blog | 5 Signs From the Universe That It’s Time for a New Car


Many people hesitate when it comes to getting a new (or used) car, instead choosing to wait for some future event or keep putting the decision off into the future. 

But sometimes waiting isn’t the best decision, and even the universe starts sending us signs that we need to get a new ride. If any of these six things are happening in your life, then the universe is trying to send you a signal that it’s time to get yourself a new car: 

  1. You have dreams about driving something different 

A sure sign from the universe that it’s time to get something new is if you keep having dreams about yourself driving around in another car. Usually you’ll wake up and think, “It sure would be nice if that dream came true.” There’s a reason why you keep dreaming about driving something else, it’s the universe trying to tell you something. 

  1. Your current car keeps having small, nagging problems 

There’s nothing more annoying than having to make continuous repairs on a car. Constant nagging issues and things breaking make for an uncomfortable ownership experience, and could be the universe’ way of giving you a hint that it’s time to upgrade. Of course, you could ignore the signs and keep your current car, but the issues will just keep getting worse.

  1. You just came into a little bit of extra cash 

Whether it’s a raise or bonus at work, a winning scratch ticket, or a small inheritance from a distant family member - if you just came into some extra money then it’s a great sign that it’s time for a new vehicle. Use it as a downpayment or just save it to make the first few month’s payments on your universe-endorsed new ride. 

  1. You keep noticing advertising for cars and dealerships 

Ok, I’ll admit that this might be happening out of pure coincidence since there is a lot of advertising for the automotive industry out there. But if you keep noticing it, then something is pulling your attention in that direction, and it just might be a sign that you’re due to drive something new. 

  1. You’re reading this article 

The universe somehow got you to this article, and there could be a very good reason for it. Have you thought about buying a new or used car or truck? Has it been something that’s crossed your mind up until this point? Whether the answer is yes or no, if you’d like to see if there’s a perfect vehicle out there for your needs, contact me and I’d love to help. You can say the universe sent you!

Thank you for visiting my website. Let me help you find the perfect vehicle. Contact me if you have questions.


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